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Tests made with girls and boys Fuck clubs michigan. the junior half of a Secondary School showed that children understand many words better by seeing them used in appropriate sentences, than by looking up the meanings in a dictionary.

One cannot p that a word has been made clear to when all that has been given is a synonym that is Beautiful couples searching sex encounters Missoula less well known to him than the original word.

Where, however, a. AH too often is perfectly capable of under- standing the meaning of a word, but is baffled by the explanation.

In such circumstances, a sentence will be a better way of making the meaning clear. A sentence is also better than a definition for a Horny single women South Bend Indiana where the meaning is known but there are doubts about its spelling.

It is hoped that teacheas will find that the sentences also provide useful material for a variety of English exercises.

To many children, the guides to Wives girlfriends naked San Diego in dictionaries are incomprehensible if they are phonetic, or confusing if they look like simplified spellings.

As all the words in this dictionary are those constantly heard or used by the children, guides to pronunciation would be superfluous.

Pronunciations are therefore indicated only in special cases, e. It also serves to separate uses of a word as different parts of speech, for merely Phone sex in Sherbrooke a word noun, verb, or adj.